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Building and Restoring History
from Mexico Beach to St. George Island

New houseThe team of Reinhard (Bob) and Delores Windolf has been a force in general construction and quality since 1983, and a major influence in coastal construction since 1993.

During this time, Bob Windolf has brought European craftsmanship and Old Florida coastal styling to Port St. Joe and the surrounding panhandle.

Serving the area from Mexico Beach to St. George Island, Windolf Construction offers its clients comprehensive service, from concept to completion, in residential, commercial, new construction, and renovation.

Working with hand-picked teams of architects, subcontractors, craftsmen and artisans, Windolf Construction gives each client personal attention to detail, European craftsmanship, and high quality in every project.

A drive along Highway 98 in Port St. Joe gives clients a quick overview of Windolf Construction's range of style and quality, from Wind Mark Beach to Sunset Coastal Grill.

The company office in Port St. Joe (a restored 1907 home) portrays a second closer look at detail and craftsmanship-trademarks of all Windolf projects. Their office building is an excellent example of Windolf 's historically accurate renovation style.

Windolf Construction also brings attention to the detail and quality of new residential and commercial construction. This results in homes and businesses that not only stand the test of time and weather, but blend into communities all along the coastline, while securing for themselves a recognized place in regional architecture.

This fusion of European craftsmanship and Old Florida coastal style flows seamlessly into homes that are solid and beautiful, inside and out, are comfortable, and easy to live in.

One of the many reasons the company's buildings are in such demand is that over the years the Windolfs have developed techniques for coping with the area's harsh weather conditions. By using specific, time-tested building materials and practices, Windolf Construction creates homes and businesses that stand up to the area's intense heat, saltwater spray and storms.

Another unique feature of Windolf Construction is that a large portion of their projects are completed "from a distance". Often clients living across the United States and abroad make initial contact with Bob and Delores, and then leave the entire project in their hands. The Windolfs maintain regular contact with clients by phone, fax and email, then deliver dream homes to satisfied customers who have observed construction "from a distance".

No greater reference can be given to a construction company than having repeat customers who do not feel the need to monitor every phase of the process, clients who trust Windolf Construction's reputation for honesty and high quality.

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